What Happen When a Businesswoman Married a Businessman?

Cocky businessman and businesswoman

Businesswomen who married businessmen end up divorced. However, others marriages were still able to survive the occasional slammed door and stony silence. With the pressures received from both families and entrepreneurs, it can just really be a roller-coaster ride for the couples.

Rich men and rich women may have the same thinking in business but the causes in their separation may be attributed to neglect and lack of communication. Post-mortems also make a contributor to the failure of marriages among business-oriented couples. Since they are mostly engaged in their own businesses, these professions keep them preoccupied with their thoughts. And thus, they seldom stay at home to spend some bonding moments with one another.

Jealousy could also be a cause for the damaged relationship since both businessman and businesswoman have their sets of interests. And, the mere fact that they consume much of their time in business; this does not open the door to open communication and the time for romantic relationships.

Fundamentally speaking, any businessman or any businesswoman starts to establish and manage their business by their own selves. But in marriage, it actually is about doing things together. If a piece of them has already been centered in business, it can definitely be difficult to set their eyes on other important things like marriage. There is a tension as each is demanded to pay attention to their businesses.

Kyle, a reputable businessman, once recognized some instability issues on their marriage. This was actually before launching an electronics-based manufacturing company. After several years, the fissures just get widened and get worsened. According to him, he even admitted that he neglected his wife as he spent all his time on specific business plans whereas his wife wanted to chat.

There are also some situations when common perspectives destroy a marriage between a businesswoman and a businessman. As each manages a business of his or her own, it can just test their motivation to keep both the marriage and business soaring.

It could somehow be true that business changes a person but does not make him or her better. The shared traits of self-importance, impatience and bossiness between couples could be so inflicting in a marriage. They also would want to dominate the relationship established and they both felt so confident and powerful.

The seeds responsible in the broken and damaged relationships have already been there. The business just made them pop up all throughout the place. But yes, of course, the thrill of establishing and operating a business reinvigorated the relationship with energy and freshness. But still, overtime, the workaholism could be a threat to the marriage.

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